Fire and Ice

The Goddess

If you've been to the farm, you've likely visited under this ancient linden tree. The ice storm last month wrecked havoc on so many of our older and larger trees. I still can't pull up to the driveway and not feel renewed grief when I look up at the destruction among our ancient oaks who've been quietly holding space in their grove for hundreds of years.

We've all had a really rough year, haven't we? Sitting under that dear linden (and maybe enjoying my quinine in a G and T) was a source of solace during the early times of the epidemic. Where did you find solace?

In late June we harvested the flowers from this Goddess. Known as the tree of calm and good judgment, I keep the dried flowers for use all year during stressful situations. You might have enjoyed some yourself because I likely sent you home with some.

Here's a link to Guido Mase talking about linden. Listen to Linden: The Upside Down Justice of the Linden Tree with Guido Masé by Herbal Radio on #SoundCloud