If We Can Just Hold On

Sometimes it feels like all we can do. I don't know how many times in the past year I've felt like this hawthorn, just holding on to the very last. How about you?

All around us, we see the last leaves, the last berries, the last bracts on the linden. And feel like with all the new stresses, we are on our last straw.

What can extend that last thing for you so that when the pandemic subsides, you come out if not unscathed, healed in some way.

In Susun Weed's writing she talks about the progression of healed, whole, holy.

How do we get in that space when our world's been drastically rearranged? For me it's a combination of remembering to get outdoors and remembering gratitude.

Seriously, get outdoors in whatever way you can. If there's any sun to be had, take off your coat and you